Benefits of the Box

If you are thinking 'oh no, i'll have to eat this way forever' don't worry! You do not have to turn fully raw at the end of the detox to reap the rewards. Deciding to eat at least 50% of your meal raw or planning to have 1 raw meal a day will still benefit you. My hope is that the skills learnt during the 5 days are incorporated into your everyday life and a more conscious way of eating is adopted.

When we heat food above 42 degrees the enzyme content is destroyed (Magic, 2012). Enzymes are necessary for almost every function in the body, especially digestion. Most junk foods and heavily processed foods are acidic, causing stress on the body which increases weight gain and decreases immunity (Magic, 2012). When our systems are alkalized, we feel calmer, can think more clearly, feel more on top of things and have a stronger immune system.

When cooked foods are eaten, the body reacts with an immune response known as leucocytosis. We produce more white blood cells as the body believes it needs to fight an 'infection' or 'invader'. This does not occur when raw foods are eaten or they form at least 50% of the meal with the raw foods being eaten first. Consuming raw foods leaves the body free to attend to other matters in the system such as skins issues, mending damaged tissue and reducing inflammation.

You have about three to four kilograms of bacteria living in your large intestine and they play a role in everything from your immune system function to your mood (Weaver & Bannard, 2016). Eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes helps keep this balance healthy. When this balance is disturbed, health suffers and the body can present with a number of different symptoms. About 60-70% of the vitamins and minerals in food are destroyed when cooked. Up to 95% of phyto-nutrients are destroyed and about 50% of the proteins become coagulated (more solid) ad harder to digest (Cousens, 2013).

Food needs to be understood and respected as more than just simply carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is time to shift this perspective and get Raw with Life.


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