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Detox symptoms

Take it easy on yourself during this Detox. Detoxification means: to remove a harmful substance (, 2019). Environmental pollutants and other toxins are stored in fatty tissue. The body stores these toxins as far away from our vital organs as possible to protect them. When we begin to support our cells, built up toxicity has the chance to get released from the cell and enter the lymphatic system. The toxins move from the cell, into the lymph and then into the blood. The blood f...

June 25, 2021

Benefits of the Box

If you are thinking 'oh no, i'll have to eat this way forever' don't worry! You do not have to turn fully raw at the end of the detox to reap the rewards. Deciding to eat at least 50% of your meal raw or planning to have 1 raw meal a day will still benefit you. My hope is that the skills learnt during the 5 days are incorporated into your everyday life and a more conscious way of eating is adopted. When we heat food above 42 degrees the enzyme content is destroyed (Magic, 2012). Enzymes are nece...

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